America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet

The Kinsey Kickstarter - STRETCH GOALS

With the original Kickstarter goal achieved in one astonishing week, the girls have announced some important and exciting stretch goals:

To increase the likelihood of The Kinseys being able to stand out and succeed at the festival, they will need a publicist and ads/posters (essential with so many acts performing - and many of THEM actually have talent).

2) And an ambitious project to follow the festival - the 9th album, tentatively entitled “Eight is Enough”!

Visit the Kickstarter page for details.

The Kinsey Kickstarter - THANK YOU!

Thank you, thank you, thank you tasteless fans! Exactly one week after The Kinsey Sicks announced a month-long campaign to raise $24.5K to attend and conquer the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we have raised our goal and more support continues to pour in! The campaign has been so popular that we even hit the Kickstarter front page this past weekend! So please enjoy this thank you video we've made personally for you (yes, just you)! Also, here's a full list of people the Kinseys would like thank for donating to the campaign.

WORLD PREMIERE: Chicks with Shticks!

The girls inflict 21 new songs upon the world! This show is an equal mix of appalling original songs and unforgiveable parodies of such favorites as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; A Whole New World; What Does the Fox Say; a Carole King/Aretha Franklin classic; two Grammy-award winning hits: Happy and the Disney sensation Let it Go; and of course, The Gershwin masterpiece I’ve Got Plenty o' Nuttin'. In other words, this show has something to mortify everyone. The new show debuted in February at The Palm in Puerto Vallarta.

For more dish and gossip click here.


"There are many words to describe the Kinsey Sicks. Funny, dirty, profound, profane, witty, filthy, but the best description is the simplest: fantastic!"

- Edge Miami

"The hottest ticket in town ... taking the cabaret world by storm ... voices sweet as birdsong."

- New York Times

"Inventive...riotously funny...sublime."

- Variety

"If you haven't made the acquaintance of The Kinsey Sicks, it's high time you did.... Uproarious... brilliant... authentically joyful."

- Washington Post

"What proves possibly most striking about The Kinsey Sicks isn't merely their phenomenal vocal blend, but their astonishing ability to cross the line between harmonic brilliance and side-splitting comedy.”   


"The Royal Shakespeare Company of drag performance."

- KQED San Francisco (National Public Radio)

"Outrageous, marvelous, hilarious ... they're golden-throated vocalists who defy categorization."

- Chicago Tribune

"Gloriously, proudly bad taste...gut-busting parodies and raucous shtick...high camp, unafraid, subversive...astonishing."

- SF Chronicle

"Riotously funny...ferociously creative...a must-see...everyone will enjoy themselves!"

- Time Out Magazine (New York)

"As funny as they are harmonious, they have already cemented their national reputation."

- The Boston Globe

"Gut wrenchingly funny...pitch perfect a cappella harmonies."

- The Advocate

"Hammy, hilarious music with a message... These are four men with big hair and big voices."

- Miami Herald

"Wickedly funny ... outrageous ... The Kinseys have earned flat-out critical raves."

- Detroit Free Press

"Beautifully sung, comic and politically savvy. It was a lark with substance and the audience (and I) went wild."

- Montreal Gazette

"Lavish! Outrageous! The Kinsey Sicks are solid comics and especially solid singers."

- New York Daily News

"Tight harmonies the Andrews Sisters would have envied. [V]ery funny ... intelligent ... touching."

- Boston Herald

"The Kinsey Sicks have produced one of the most joyous evenings of sharp comedic and musical material I've seen in decades."


"They do an excellent job...supremely talented...couldn't be any funnier."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"A welcome breath of fresh air.... The audience could not stop laughing."

- Jewish Week (NY)